Otago Peninsula Dunedin Harbour and Coast

Cruise along the Otago Peninsula and admire the spectacular views along the harbour and the dramatic panoramas of the vast ocean.

The Otago Peninsula is the home of an abundance of magnificent marine wildlife, namely the royal albatross, the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, the blue penguins, fur seals and sea lions.

The peninsula was formed, as part of the large, long-extinct, Dunedin Volcano. Several of the peninsula’s peaks speaks of the volcanic origins from 10-13 million years ago. Much of the peninsula is steep and hilly, with the highest points being over 408m. Cruising down these roads can unveil dramatic panoramas one hill after another.

The Peninsula is the gateway to and from many of the attractions on the tour, and offers the perfect scenic break in between the activities.

Home to the royal albatross, yellow-eyed penguins, blue penguins, fur seals and sea lions

peninsula drive between attractions

Dunedin Harbour and Coast

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